1. Be patient and slow

Many do not understand the importance of moving slowly or staying still when it comes to still-hunting. Hence, decide beforehand as to how long you’d like to stand still. This could be as low as five minutes. This will also help you stay quiet, and if the situation demands, you can remain silent for long stretches of time as well. Use your watch to check how long you’d like to stand still.

2. Noise

Whenever you hear a noise, it is crucial to stop moving as it can scare your prey. This is also applicable to the sounds of twigs cracking. You may forget about the sound as soon as you hear it but it will remind with the quarry for a long time. If you suspect the presence of animals nearby, make sure to stop moving and stay there as much as possible when you are the cause of a loud noise. For example, a deer may look at the general direction of the sound – which, in this case, is in your path for a considerable amount of time before it resumes whatever it was doing. But it will only do so if it doesn’t sense your presence.

3. How you drive

If you are hunting alone, it is better to drive solo and walk towards the area. This is because you need to stir the quarry in order to get them on their feet. You need to repeat the procedure after you have passed through. Doing so will help you spot prey that is confused and unsure where it is. In instances where you aren’t successful, go back to the area and wait for the quarry to come back. The chances of them coming back are high since they’ll have reasons to believe that the area is safe.

4. Landmarks

As you change location with respect to the animal, you might start to notice areas that are unfamiliar to you. Hence, you need to spot something unique which can act as a landmark. This can be a tree, a rock or even a fence line.

5. Prey’s pace

After you are done stalking your prey, you need to try and determine where the animal will be. After assuming where your quarry is, study it to the point where you can figure out the rate at which it travels and also the direction to which it will run.

6. Do not throw in the towel

When you are following a blood trail, there’s a massive chance that you’ll end up in disappointment as they would often lead you nowhere. But this shouldn’t discourage you as the blood is a sure sign of the animal being fatally wounded. Instead, be on the lookout for small spots of blood.


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