Practice makes perfect. That is the answer for the question above.

But this answer is too short. Therefore, I will clarify it in a short guide. I hope that after this guide, your swimming performance will increase significantly.

The first step is to go swimming more often, even every day. The more you swim, the more time you will spend with yourself and your thought, the more time you will focus on your swimming technique. So you will see which techniques are not for you because it consumes too much calories.

Swimming more often is not enough. You must prepare yourself a detailed plan with specific goal each day. Your swimming distance should increase 10% each week. After the swimming training, write a track record and compare it with your plan to see how discipline you are and how appropriate the plan is. The most interesting part of this activity is that you can share your journey with someone else and inspire them.

Swimming is a lonely sport. Your biggest opponent is yourself. You can take the swimming record of Micheal Phelps as your goal to make your plan more specific. The bigger you goal, the wiser your plan.

If you are an extrovert person, so making a plan and swimming regularly may be not right for you because it will soon get bored.

My tips for you is to find a swimming partner. However, your swimming partner must have a similar swimming performance of yours. If he or she swims too fast or too slowly, your performance could be effected negatively. Why? Because you will lose motivation if that person swims to slowly and reversely, he or she will lose motivation to be with you because you swim slower than them.

How to increase your swimming speed and endurance?

So now is the specific steps:

  • Find a competition to participate. So you will have motivation to improve your swimming performance. And you can find an appropriate swimming partner for co-training. In addition, you can have professional coach to train for you.
  • You should focus on technique. This is the absolutely important factor in swimming. It will help you swim faster with less energy consuming. The way to enter water is also give you an edge because it will provide you an inertia force. Therefore, the strength of your legs matter. You must train your legs more often.
  • Ask your coach to add more interval training and strength and condition training program to your swimming training in order to improve your endurance and cardio strength.
  • Understand yourself to find out if swimming is your real passion or not. If it is your passion, so the development will surely come. If it’s not your passion but you must train swimming for some personal reasons, so I highly recommend your to learn how to survive in water instead of participating in the competition because soon enough, you will lose all of your motivation when your personal reason is fulfilled.
  • Nutrition is also a very important factor not only in swimming but also in every sport. There are plentiful sources on the Internet for you to read about food for swimmers. However, you should read the trustworthy sources such as
  • Your lifestyle is also very important. No smoking, no alcohol, sleep well and healthy sex can help you increase swimming performance significantly.
  • Sometimes, you should practice swimming in open water in order to get used to the navigation skills as well as adaptation skills. Swimming in a river and swim against its flow can help you increase the swimming technique and endurance. But make sure to bring someone you trust in case something bad happens.