Choosing clothes for men is not quite difficult as for women. They only care about 2 things mainly: the top and the shorts. But even when we have boil down to these, there are still plenty of options.

  1. Choosing a running top for men:

There are 4 options for running tops with: Singlet, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeves and Sleeveless.

  • Running singlet for men which is preferred in the warm weather because it is more breathable and flexible than running tops with sleeves. In addition, runners need to be most comfortable and lightest as they can on the race. So, a suitable running singlet should long enough to cover the upper body of the runners without adding any weight on them.Running tops with short sleeves
  • Running tops with short sleeves: If you don’t really like neither the running singlet nor the long sleeves tops, then this type is absolutely the best for you. Unlike the running singlet, the short sleeves will protect your shoulders and upper arms from sun burn or any outside elements. However, I still see many runners wear the short sleeves tops inside a running singlet in warm weather days.
  • Running tops with long sleeves: This is definitely the common option in the cold weather due to the singlet and short sleeves can’t cover enough to help them warm up while running. On the other hand, there are many runners still wear long sleeves tops during the hot weather to protect the arms from sun burn and outside elements. This also helps wick away the moisture as well.
  • Sleeveless running tops: This type is quite the same as the running singlet thanks to the flexibility and breathability, but it has larger shoulders than the singlet.
  1. Choosing running shorts for men:

Long time ago, men runners had to wear shorts with an underwear inside. But now, there are plenty of options for shorts. I will divide running shorts for men into 3 types:

  • Short inseam or long inseam running shortsShort inseam or long inseam running shorts: For elite runners, they tend to prefer running shorts with short inseam to long inseam because they need to be lightest as they can and remove any accessories which make them slow down. Not only elite runners but also other runners like this type of shorts. However, each person has their own tastes. Some runners would consider it is too short to them, so they choose the running shorts with long inseam. Furthermore, long inseam running shorts make them look sporty and be suitable to go to the gym.
  • Pocket and None pocket running shorts: Pockets are created to place your stuff like phone, keys or other important things… which is an ideal choice for you to choose running shorts. However, it would make your running inconvenient. For those who enjoy the minimalistic style, it would be better to choose the none pocket running shorts.
  • With other special shorts, they are made from high quality fabric so they are more expensive than the common ones. But you should pay attention on them because they wick the moisture very well and the important is they are long- lasting and comfortable. In addition, there are reflectivity shorts in the market that is helpful when you run in early morning, they make all vehicle drivers can see you and make a way for you.

The running apparel for training and racing is essential and worth the money if you choose wisely according to your style. The most important factors are the comfort, convenience and help you get your goals.