Are you looking for losing some weight? Do you wish to stay fit? Either ways, you will find cycling an effective and healthy method to take on. Plus, cycling, especially road cycling, can be really fun. Why not taking a look at best value affordable road bikes 2016 to choose one nice bike for you and starting your plan now? Here are tips for achieving weight loss with cycling:

Why choose cycling for weight loss exercise?

Before talking about tips for achieving weight loss goal with cycling, let’s talk about why we should take on cycling.

Exercise in general and cycling in particular can bring about many health benefits, not just weight loss. Physically, exercise helps you burn excess calories, and improve your cardiovascular health, muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. Mentally, exercise helps reduce stress and overcome depression.

Cycling is a low-impact activity that does not cause damage to the joints and muscles but strengthen them instead. People with back or knee problems can take on cycling to improve their conditions. Since cycling also helps burn calories very effectively (even more than jogging), it is a good choice for people who wish to shed some pounds.

Getting started

Before taking on cycling, you need to make some decisions first:

  • Will you cycle alone, with your friend or join a local club: There are people who prefer riding with their buddies or love the companion of club members. If you are like them and need the motivation from other people, look for a friend or a local club.
  • Do you even need a trainer? This is an effective way to keep you engaged with your plan but it costs you, of course.
  • How will you put cycling in your daily schedule? You are probably very busy already but it does not mean you cannot spare 15-30 a day for exercise. If it is possible, you can stat commuting to work by bike. In case that does not work, do you intend to ride early in the morning or in the evening? You need to prepare a training schedule that does not affect other daily activities.

Another decision will be whether to cycle indoor or outdoor (or do both, that depends on you).

Set a goal and stick to it

Do you cycle just for losing some weight only? Or you want to get fit so that you can enter in a local cycling race/triathlon? Without setting some specific goal, your training will probably get to nowhere. Let’s set achievable targets and have fun in achieving them. You can also tell people around you about your cycling exercise so that they can remind you and motivate you to reach your goal.

Stop making excuses

What will you do when it rains in the morning? You think to yourself that you will cycle the next day and go back to sleep or go to work by another vehicle. Do it once and you will do it twice. You need to fight with yourself and practice self-discipline or you will thwart your own plan.

Take it slow but steady

It is unrealistic to expect instant results from just several days of biking. It generally takes about a week to lose one pound or two.

There are two things you need to remember here: be patient and lose weight in a safe way. Even if you do not see your weight reduced considerably despite cycling very consistently every day, it does not mean your health does not improve at all.

Also, you need to start modestly and then slowly work your way up. Moderate exercise is the key to your safe, successful weight loss plan. If you throw yourself into exercise and do it like a form of punishment, you may lose weight quickly like you want but in the long run it can be harmful for your health. So you do not have to cycle for long hours every day unless you are an athlete practicing for a competition.

Have the right gear

Any bike, cheap or expensive, can help you start your training plan. It is crucial, however, that the bike must fit you well. Do your research in advance so that you know what to ask the seller. You can do the bike fitting process by yourself but for the best result, get a professional bike fit instead.

In addition, you also need cycling clothes (mostly just cycling shorts) and protective gear (a good-quality helmet).

Have a proper diet and nutrition plan


To assist the cycling plan, you need to make some changes in your daily meals too. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will be beneficial for your body (and that means you should avoid eating junk food and cut down on sugary snacks). It also helps that you stay hydrated all the time.

While it is not recommended to make cycling a strenuous exercise, cycling does take lots of your energy away so you should keep your body supplied with adequate nutrition. You can have a hearty meal with plenty of protein after you complete the ride and take some rest.

Cycling is a form of exercise that fits basically everyone. If you are patient enough to pursue your goal, you will get many benefits beyond weight loss. So, do not hesitate and get into action now. Remember that cycling is also about having fun so please avoid exerting yourself too much. Happy cycling!

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