If you come across some of the golf gps reviews, you might know something about this device, how it works and if you can read, more refer at Uber Golf. Beside golf GPS device, there is also another measuring device which is golf laser rangefinder.

In this article, I will provide you some general introduction about both of these device, how they works and some of their pros and cons.

If you are considering between these 2 devices, I hope that you can make a better comparison between them two after reading this.

The first question you might wonder is can you bring these devices onto the course field?

The answer is that it depends.best-golf-gps-devices

While most of the course field as well as clubs and competition approve for the use of a golf laser rangefinder, the use of a golf GPS device is still a hot debated topic.

If you come to the course filed for the practicing or simply play it for fun with your friends, it is totally acceptable if you bring your own golf GPS device. You can bring in any form of this device if you prefer. From watches, handheld unit and apps on the phone, you can see plenty of them on a recreational course field.

Because the use of golf GPS device on professional fields has just been approved, therefore, there are some golf clubs as well as local clubs which are not adapted to this new rule. You always need to check with the golf club before you can use your own GPS device.

It also worth noting that in some local clubs, they only allow you to measure the distance only. Therefore, if your golf GPS device or golf laser rangefinder offers any other features such as wind calculation, it could not be used.

  • To sum up, you always need to check with the local club or the course’s authority before you bring in your golf GPS device.
  • Most of the cases, golf GPS devices and laser rangefinders need to measure distance only to be approved.
  1. Introduction About Golf GPS Measuring Devices

Golf GPS measuring devices come in many forms, namely handheld unit, watches systems on the gold trolley and phones.  I will introduce you about 2 most common types you may encounter which are handheld unit and phones.


  • Handheld Unit: A GPS handheld unit uses the global positioning system to calculate the distance to the front, the middle as well as the back of green. It can also help you to measure hazards such as tress on the ways.
  • Apps on Smartphones: you can download an app from the internet. Some of them are free. These apps can offer you many brilliant features. Such as you can get access to many preloaded maps. They also save the maps that you have been too. It can also calculate your calories as well as recording the points for you.

However, you need to make sure your phone is full of battery in order to use these apps.

  1. Introduction About Laser Rangefinder Devices

The most significant benefit that these devices have over golf GPD devices is that you don’t have to download a map before you can go to the course field. Therefore, you can use this device to play in any course, even international course.

How it works:

  • laser-rangefinderWhen you want to measure the distance to a specific target, just aim your laser rangefinder at it. The device then uses a laser beam heading to the target and bounce back when it comes in contact with the target. It then calculates the distance for you.
  • You can aim your laser rangefinder at many things, from balls, flags to tress.

What it cannot do:

  • As you can see, you need to aim your laser rangefinder at the target. Therefore, you cannot measure any hazard or target that you cannot see with your own eye.
  • When the target is so small that the laser beam cannot come to contact with, you cannot measure the distance as well.
  • Furthermore, the accuracy of the measurement will be affected by some kinds of weather which can hinder the way the laser beams. The weathers include foggy and rainy weather.

Here are some of the details about golf GPS and golf laser rangefinder measuring devices. In general, they offer a great use to help you measure the correct yardage. In order to choose one among these devices, you need to carefully considerate many features such as your preference, your ability as well as other features such as the ease of use or prices.

It is always best if you choose the one that fits your needs and your preference the most. With the most suitable measuring device, you will soon improve your performance on the game and hence increasing your chance of winning.

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