Among the Helmet manufacturers, the helmets produced by Bell Sports are one of the top best motorcycle helmets on the market. The reasons why many professional riders around the world love this helmet are their focus on the design, style and the material. Their high quality, reliability, simplicity and coolness in design style are the features which help them gain such a famous reputation.

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Firstly, we will go through a short introduction of the company

In 1923, Mr. George Wight established the first Bell Auto store located in California. This store firstly sold only the auto parts. The business ran successfully but can’t be expanded. Then, after a decade, Mr. Roy Richter became a pattern maker for Bell Auto Parts store. This man has a deep passion for racing. So he spent his time producing the Bell Special – a small racecar.

Roy Richter saw the potential of Bell Auto brand. Therefore, he decided to spend 1000$ on purchasing this company and continued running the same business model as the company was operating. However, in 1954, Bell Auto began helmet production. This new business became such successful that Richter decided to change the whole business model into manufacturing helmets only. The first products were quite heavy. In order to satisfy their clients, Richter managed to produce lighter helmets named Shortly. Then, Roy’s company won the contract for US Ski Team. This achievement helped his company gain reputation and extend their business day by day.

Bell expands their business in different sports such as skiing, skydiving, football, firefighters… This company also has its own racing team which won several prizes. Evil Knievel gave Bell a huge endorsement when he said that thanks to Bell Helmet, he survived after being crashed.

Richter and his company expands its business internationally and has received many awards for their unique designs.

BELL Helmets characteristics

BELL helmets are famous for their high-end quality and unique designs. They are always the leader as well as the pioneer of safety materials since the 1970s. Particularly, BELL helmets are designed for specific applications. That’s why there are plentiful of BELL helmet designs for each sportive activities. BELL also recruits great artists who are responsible for their appearance.

As mentioned above, in motorcycling field, BELL also offers a wide range of activities for both street and off-road activities. Regarding to street cycling, you must hear about Star, an old-school full-face helmet or you must also hear about Rogue, which is an open-street helmet featured a particularly designed muzzle. These are the expensive product line. BELL also offers the more economical products such as Shortly. For the off-road, BELL has some lines for dirt-biking as well as motocross races.

The “Artist Series” product line is also remarkable. If you want to own an only-one helmet with a unique and outstanding design which can highlight your personality, then the product line is right for you.

BELL Helmets characteristics, Bell motorcycle helmets

The reasons why cyclers choose Bell Motorcycle Helmet?

  • First of all, there must be some reasons why Bell motorcycle helmets are one of the best-sellers in America. To be more specific, they are in the top three. People like them because of their safety, their design, their versatility, their comfort and their quality. These products surely fulfill the criteria requested by the federal Department of Transportation.
  • Secondly, there are easily reachable. You can find them online. Cyclers can customize their desired helmets easily.
  • Thirdly, Bell is a very well-known and trustworthy brand name. They exist for almost 100 years. That’s why people trust their product more than any other helmets on the market.

Some of the best Bell Helmets

1. Bell Arrow Solid Helmet:

This helmet is a perfect choice for people with tight budget. With just less than a hundred bucks, you can have a full face motorcycling helmet which offers great protection level. The cover is made from polycarbonate alloy. That’s why this product is very light – less than 3.5 pounds. Regarding to the ventilation, this product is considerable. Possessing an anti-scratch and UV protected visor is also a feature of this product. The linings can be washable and stripped.

2. Bell Custom 500 Helmet

This product is designed for daily motorcycling activities, not for the professional one. It is an open face helmet built for one purpose – protecting its owner. Its weight is tremendously low due to the materials – fiberglass and EPS foam layer. Bell Custom 500 Helmet certainly passes the safety standards of DOT. This product is perfect for long way trip due to the anti-shift design in high wind weather condition.

3. Bell Revolver EVO

Just like Bell Arrow Solid, this product is also very economical. This product is an updated version of the old Revolver series. Revolver EVO has the ability to reduce significantly the noise. The weight is less than 4 pounds thanks to the polycarbonate alloy cover.