Talk about the best fast pitch softball bat for girls, DeMarini bats come to our mind right away. In 2015, they public the CF7 fast pitch bat series which was very successful. In this year 2016, DeMarini has come back and bring us a brand new series of fast pitch softball bats – CF8 – which includes 7 types of bats: the drop 8, drop 9, drop 10s (4 models of bats) and the drop 11. In this post, I will go over this line of bats and each type for you.

The 2016 DeMarini CF8 bats have great features with:

  • 2- piece construction which means it has the connecting point between the barrel and the handle. This type of bats is very popular and preferred by young players because it is vibration free. Besides, it also provides flex for the players. The 2- piece construction bat is made from the high quality material, so it is stronger and more durable than the other types of bats.
  • Composite material: This makes the bat lightweight but also strong barrel. It helps the hitters perform better due to the flexible handle and the large barrel, which mean the large sweet spot.
  • D- Fusion handle: the bat becomes more effective and responsive thanks to this feature. It also reduces and be able to control the vibration while the players swinging or making mis- hits.

Ok so now we will look at the 7 types of the DeMarini CF8 line- up:

  1. CF8 drop 8:

DeMarini CF8 drop 8This model is the heaviest bat in the series; it is more suitable for powerful hitters than young children. It also has shorter barrel than other bats in the CF8 series, which gives the maximum sweet spot and power.

Unlike the other bats in the same series that have D- Fusion handle, the drop 8 has the Paradox plus composite handle, which gives more power to each hit. The drop 8 would be the perfect choice for college or professional fast pitch softball players.

  1. The drop 9:

If you are looking for a bat that is strong but also lightweight, then it definitely would be the drop 9. It is designed with D- Fusion that the drop 8 doesn’t have, this drop 9 will give you more control, faster swinging and smooth hits.

  1. The drop 10s:

They released 4 models for the CF8 drop 10s bats in 2016 which are: Balanced, Slapper, Insane and Hope.

  • DeMarini CF8 drop 10 Balanced: This must be the most popular model in the drop 10 because it helps you to create lightweight swinging. In addition, with the improved D- Fusion handle, the players will perform better. It deserves to be called the most played bat of the year.
  • DeMarini CF8 drop 10 Insane: It is preferred by most of power hitters. Thanks to the great load end cap, it helps the hitters to increase distance of the hits.
  • DeMarini CF8 drop 10 Slapper: This is a unique and special bat because it is designed for left hander slappers with oversize barrel (14” long), it gives the best barrel control and helps you create the ultra- lightweight swinging. It also has the spiraled grip so you do not have to worry about bunching. This is DeMarini’s lightest fast pitch swinging bat. However, it is not suitable for power hitters who concern more about the distance and durability of the bat. If you are left handed and want to get more power, you can consider the drop 10 Insane.DeMarini CF8 drop 10 Slapper
  • DeMarini CF8 drop 10 Hope: Due to DeMarini is the partner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so the Hope is the represent for this. The Hope is the limited model with just 2000 bats released. The Hope is quite the same to the CF8 Drop 10 Balance – lightweight swinging and the great versatility. A proceeds’ portion of The Hope bats will be donated to the breast cancer fund and research. As its name “Hope”, it is the meaningful bat on the field and off the field that you can find.
  1. The drop 11:

In the DeMarini CF8 fast pitch softball bat line up, the drop 11 is the lightest model and might be the most popular bat. It is designed for young players who like 2- piece construction bat, bat speed and bat control on the field. Thanks to the D- Fusion handle, the bat becomes more effective and responsive. It also reduces the vibration while your children swinging and makes less stingy in case they make some mishits.

Manufactured for the wide range of players, from young children to college and pro softball hitters, DeMarini CF8 fast pitch softball bats can satisfy all your requires.

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