Choosing the right material for hunting boot is one of the most important concerns of a hunter. For me, I like to wear anything that is comfortable. I have been hunting since my childhood. Most of the time, I wear leather boots. Recently, I saw an advertisement on demerits of using leather boots for hunting whitetails. It struck me! Because, I have never tracked this animal in any season.

rubber boot for hunting

The best rubber hunting boots manufacturing company was advertising on how the smell of leather boots attracts this particular animal. They suggested to purchase their own rubber boots to hunt whitetail deer in stealth mode. And my curiosity started to increase. To test my luck, I ordered a pair of rubber boots before going to hunt in the last season.

  • The smell of newly bought rubber boots disgusted me. You know, it was summer and sweating was unstoppable. While I was hunting, I took every step to control the scent. The scent was not hard to remove. Actually, it was easier than leather ones. But the result of hunting was a big zero! The rubber boots could not help me in finding the whitetail at all. After every session, I had to dry it in the air.
  • The scent of rubber was extremely strong and it was impossible for me to dissipate it. I was losing the other animals too. I returned home with almost bare hands and started to think about the actual qualities of using the rubber boots. Here, I am going to show you the difference between my favorite leather boots and the “so called” scentless rubber boots.


leather boot for hunting

Fitting the boots with my feet is the most necessary requirement. The size of my regular footwear is 12. But sometimes I prefer to wear 13 number boots so that I can wear a pair of socks easily. The sizing feature of my new rubber boots disappointed me at the very beginning. They were tighter than my jogging shoes.

I thought the regular use of them would help in getting the right fit. It did. But still I cannot get comfortable after wearing them. The tight fitting rubber boots are very inconvenient for hunting. My old leather boots were flexible and easy to take walks or to run fast.


After passing 6 months, the rubber boots smell the same as before. Last week, I started to search for the solution on the Internet. I followed almost every possible solution. Also, I contacted with some whitetail hunters. They have provided me an astonishing information. There is no relationship with the scent and whitetail. A deer is unable to detect the smell. So, there was no benefit in buying rubber boots for hunting without scent.

My experience during the hunting was more interesting. Most of the deer came across the trail and stood near my tent. The scent did not distract them at all. There can be two reasons. One is that the advantage of using rubber boots for scentless appearance is real. And the second reason is that the smell does not alarm them.


This one is a vital issue when you are in the cold region. Your boots must have a temperature controlling feature. When I wore leather boots, I did not worry about getting cold. My feet remained warm though it was snowing. I was on a mountain for using my bow to some reindeers. Comparing with the rubber boots, the leather one was warmer. It helped me to sit in cold weather for hours without letting me know the temperature in my feet.


  • Rubber boot is uncomfortable for walking or running in the woods.
  • On the other hand, leather boots are specially made flexible and the design allows the hunter to bend the foot in any angle.
  • There is a little chance of getting injured in the leather boots. But I felt pain after taking a five mile walk in the woods wearing my rubber boots.

After all of my research and observations, my opinion for rubber boots is that you should use it only if you are in a sloppy, muddy and swampy place. A pair of leather boot is more advantageous. In hunting whitetail, there is no actual advantage from the rubber boots. It works same for the leather boots. Happy Hunting!

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