Picnics, camping, will be perfect, without any problems if you plan carefully. Besides it, you can use the camping hammock for your trip, it is so good for your use.

  1. Prepare and utensils

Inventory: Check the following items carefully before you go camping, and lack the supplement immediately.

  • Sleep clothes, sleep pants – should equip lightweight, can bring some pajamas by the formula: The number of days divided by 2. VD camp: Get four-day camp, only two sets of nightwear is king. Austria should be equipped with thin and shorts to be a nice stay.
  • Underwear: Bring the total number of days camping + 2. For each day, we have to change underwear to ensure the hygiene and to avoid getting two more rain.
  • Backpack
  • Personal Canes: hiking over 3 km, we should be equipped with a personal staff of about 1m2 to support the move, especially in the forest or mountain climbing.
  • Ice cream, toothbrush, soap, towels, campingcombs, toilet paper …: These are personal items should not share (infectious diseases) so bring enough to cause avoid carrying heavy backpacks.
  • Nets: indispensable during a camping trip, if the contents of the camp were to the limit, we can sacrifice the hammocks and hammock seats located siesta best because tents are usually very hot.
  • Tents individuals: Each must be equipped with a 2m x 3m tent is full, poles, wires, hammers to stay overnight when traveling or in a hammock tent to rain when we are sagging.
  • Multifunctional Knives: Very useful on a camping trip, if the knife more functions and we make good use of this function.
  • Sleeping bags: you can also equip with an individual sleeping bags to stay overnight in cold countries.
  • The food and drink: bowls, spoons, chopsticks, cups, water bottles personal …
  • Personal medicine kit: Prepare some medicine headache, abdominal pain, vitamins … to serve themselves and help everyone around.
  1. Costumes

Your right to dress according to the season, you remember to bring extra summer raincoat to prevent sudden rains. And with winter make sure you will not be subjective when outdoor air temperature and wind.

  1. Medications

Of course when hiking, especially hiking in the woods, where many animals such as reptiles, insects … will affect you. So, you cannot be subjective, and you should bring a full range of accompanying medications such as insect repellent, painkillers, cotton swabs, abdominal pain medication … and the medical aid supplies are located in a small box, it is very convenient to carry along.

Note when camping:

Roanoke Virginia Camping

  • You should check the car carefully before you go offline, especially the brakes by going right downhill very steep, restrictive scooters go offline.
  • Should campfire in clearing away forests offline. The use of large stone strapless fire around the kitchen to concentrate better. You can grab the bamboo sticks forced into cooking racks, used bamboo grilled fish, roast chicken was delicious.
  • On poor phone reception so that some wave or waves will lose less.
  • When collecting firewood, you should only pick up dry wood, not allowed to cut trees

Especially, camping is the way it conquered peaks, so if you have time and health, you can do a climb to conquer the peaks of the range that has beautiful scenery. Climbing approximately 5-6 hours requiring you need strength, endurance to be able to conquer the beautiful peaks.

Precautions and handling the insects, animal attacks

  • For gold flies

When burning yellow flies used to calm the lighter, heated the wine to its ass pulled off her burners. If natural reflexively see an end to it itchy hands out its tentacles are still left in my flesh. Place meat will rot and persistent itching in the body there for three years.

  • For snakes

– Once bitten if the hands and feet should be bandaged again

– Once bitten but not bandaged place is there is no other way is to use a knife and slit wide off the bite site for a comfortable dike free bleeding out (backflow of blood from the heart to help out push toxins out). When syncope is flowing to bandaged.

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