Baseball in Olympic 2008

Baseball in Olympic 2008

Baseball in Olympic 2008

The United States baseball team took home the Bronze medal in Beijing in 2008In this article, I am going to share the useful information about baseball in Olympic 2008.

It is worth sharing that baseball in Olympic 2008 finds USA in the mammoth effort in order to thwart an emerging power of Canada and Japan for baseball omnipotence all around the world.

There is a well-known say the single world single dream, all merely like boys of the summer & baseball farming developing in the incredible field of the dreams. Moreover, the XXIXth Olympiad of current period of the baseball in Olympic 2008 games might permit the blind fall on remarkable game of the baseball.

Furthermore, the meeting of the IOC on 11 July 2005 baseball and softball has simply been elected out of 2012 summer Olympics of London, the leading game to be elected out of Olympics from the time when polo was simply eliminated in 1936.

The talk or buzz of town generally from henceforth up until Oct 2009, IOC meeting would be mainly centered on permitting Baseball just back into the games of Olympic. Moreover, boy howdy, easily does the US leading League owners of the baseball team have its unique plate, which is full just on that one.

It is vital to mention that leading association baseball has its personal pitchfork, which is fully loaded with stuffs stuck on each prong of a fork.

South Korea wins Asia\'s first Olympic baseball gold medal

  • They have leading association baseball of US
  • They introduced the development of world baseball standard & its revitalization starting 2009
  • Moreover, they have the distance and time along with scheduling conflict united states of America baseball & the Olympics
  • Beside this, they are simply confronted with loosing complete control of money stream
  • Finally, they are simply being believed by their words being in print from lips of IOC’s president

The upcoming twelve months would be extremely exciting especially for game of the baseball. Here I would like to mention that George would possibly ask an important question that what is considered as the first-rate rule.


Even though, little was merely recorded, baseball in Olympic was first give the impression in 1904 at St. Louis. Moreover, after eight years at Stockholm in 1912 & US team once played contrary to host Sweden by simply wining 13-3. At Berlin in 1936, two teams of the US played with each other. In 1952, an event namely Helsinki was considered as the modified type of sport termed as Finnish baseball, which was played by the 2 Finnish teams.

Furthermore, Australia played the one-game show contrary to US in 1956, Japan and Melbourne did the similar in 1964 at Tokyo. It is worth sharing that with the crowd of almost 114,000 audiences, this remarkable game at cricket ground of Melbourne held a record for extremely high-attended game of baseball even up until the American show goes in 2008 at Los Angeles.

The 2008 U.S. Olympic Baseball team.

Moreover, after the twenty years break, Olympic baseball was simply pay back however, with game formatting. During 1988 at Seoul, it is considered as the demonstration game. In 1984, Japan overpowered the US in the opening tournament finale. Nevertheless, US simply won the tournament over Japan in 1988.

In 1922, at summer Olympics baseball became as the official game with the acquainted eight-team match. It is worth sharing that players were well found to be laypersons. The tournament mainly consisted of the round robin. In this, teams have o played the match with each of other teams simply followed by the finals and semifinals.

Main idea of the struggle has continued the same in the meantime then, with only leading transformation being that in starting two-thousand players were simply not mandatory to be laypersons.

As Olympics are always played throughout the season of leading league baseball, therefore players on team of Olympic baseball are usually best minor league visions who haven’t made it waited & widely in the leading leagues still during their match or playing careers.

Medalists of the Baseball in Olympic Games   

US baseball players receive their bronze medals during the awards ceremony after the men's baseball final

  • Barcelona, Chinese, Japan, Cuba, and Taipei in 1922
  • USA, Beijing, Cuba, and South Korea in 2008
  • USA, Atlanta, Japan, and Cuba in 1996
  • Japan, Athens, Australia, and Cuba in 2004
  • South Korea, Sydney, Cuba and Sydney in 2000
  • Competition of the baseball has been stopped for upcoming games of Olympic with the decision of the games 2008 up until further announcement

Readers should know that Cuba is an existing ruling champion by simply wining the crown of baseball at Olympic Games of 2004. The current and brand new rules & regulations for Beijing Olympics 2008 has team administrator namely, Senichi Hoshino extremely upset.

South Korea celebrates 2008 baseball gold

2008 United States of America team events of Olympic baseball schedule is as follows:

  • 13th August, Korea Baseball stadium China United states of America lost 5-4, 11:30 pm china
  • 14th August, Netherlands, Beijing Baseball stadium united states of America won 7-0, 10:30 pm china
  • 15th August, Canada, Beijing baseball stadium united states of America won 5-4, 10:30 pm china
  • 20th August, Japan, Beijing baseball stadium united states of America won 4-2, 7:00 am china
  • 22nd August, semifinals of Olympic, Beijing baseball stadium united states of America lost directly to Cuba by 10-2,

The team roster for the United States of America baseball for 2008 Olympic baseball is:

Pitchers: Casey Weathers, Mike Koplove, Clayton Richard, Brett Anderson, Stephen Strasburg, Blaine Neal

In Fielders: Terry Tiffee, Jason Donald, Matthew Brown and Brain Barden

Catchers:  Taylor Teagarden, Lou Marson

Out Fielders:  Colby Rasmus, John Gall, Dexter Fowler and Matt LaPorta