Radio Controlled Boat3 pm, hot sun and no clouds but along the central lake area of a large city, hobby enthusiasts radio controlled boat still stand in the sun to drive the boat against the waves and heard explosions from the radio controlled boats.

Now the boat club has ten members and the youngest 30-year-old range, the oldest person to nearly 70 years. Passionate kinds of models and the game speed, learn many interesting every play, but he Kagawa (a member of the radio controlled boat club) have chosen the remote control boat “as a friend” as a way to relieve stress and pressure at work.

Types of radio controlled boat

  • According to Kagawa, a radio controlled boat has three important parts are shell boat, motor, and controller.
  • At first, there are no specific guidelines, based on experience with a little “creative,” he Kagawa had their homemade boat motor models from lawnmowers.
  • “However, when moving from a lawn mower motor boat motor underwater models to run the engine to load more and must have water-cooled systems. To do this takes more than half a day” he said, Kagawa.

According to Kagawa, there are two types of radio controlled boat.

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  • One is to buy units of used always, the kind normally cost about 500 dollars / unit, and genuine, the price is very high depending on the brand.
  • The second game types buy all the equipment and the self-assembly. This type of game requires players to understand the assembly of machinery for meticulously and elaborately. Both clubs play model boat automatic control of current Kagawa mainly played as a second one.

“Playing in this manner will be more active players to customize a boat out to their liking. Each boat when purchased and self-assembly to sit for at least three days to take the new offer to be played. Both the players also cost less than a liter of petrol on “- he added Kagawa share.

Things to consider on the first time to play boat

Rc boat

On the first time when the new exposure model boats, Kagawa – Boat club chairman’s model city said: “The first time beginners, to overcome the inability to produce plastic shell as a boat the genuine boat, I came up with the use of composite molded to shape.

After dozens of tests, shell molding technology, and composite boat with my glass fabric is favored Playboy model. To increase my interest in the boat’s engine assembly … lawnmower 25 cm3. This machine fully sold at flea markets, while the rudder and propeller are made from a handmade iron mound.

  • It is considered a hobby that brings the sporty nature and technology should club model boat races are often held mini to exchange experiences and see each person’s skills.
  • Often, just look at the driveway, the challenge of surfing, crab, eel or the collision without crashing … that people know the skill of the players has improved or not.
  • To get this, he’s not only an understanding of the technology and techniques but also to have a workout plus a little talent. Preference is also inevitable calls “accident” on the track.
  • Once the boat was an accident, it must take a lot of work to repair. Accidents here are not just another boat that crashed into both your boat slams into another boat, or your boat itself crashed into the pond.
  • Many people believe that the hobby model boat picks the player. Without passion, impatience and desire to learn, it is impossible to follow.
  • While the players are immersed control model boats on the lake, the Davis, also sat on the bank watching intently every road running, enjoy watching each wave, ear sound generators each.
  • Davis said: “I happened to find information about model boats on the internet is known physician John donated some equipment to build model boats. I called for him to be considered the comments expressed how the model boat. My father promised, completed semester exam, my father would design me a boat. “

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William, a longtime model boating is also the administrator of the model boat club is also on the same thought: “I started collecting model boats a few years ago. Then I accidentally saw the red boat very beautiful model for $ 20 dollars, and then only true pocket 35 dollars but I still decided to buy. Later, I was more types of boat, there are just a tiny palm of my collection now become more diversified since. But no matter what size boat, which was made of what, how much value to enthusiasts of this discipline they are valued equally.

Brad added: “In Berlin (Germany), there are hundreds of clubs and each race model cities are meticulously organized. Although not yet established clubs but to ensure safety, the group temporarily laid out their rules like not running the boat when a crowded pool, no traffic control devices to strangers. I always wished to establish model boat club under the control of the authorities to activities and attract those who share the passion for participating.