To get the best durability of your breathable waders, it’s important that you take a good care of them. That will keep the properties in good conditions and prevent bad smell or reduced breathability.

To maintain properties of your pants, you should clean and impregnate. Do a careful washing / waterproofing following the best way to clean breathable waders below:

1. Clean the pants

You can use the machine to wash waders, but it’s gentler that you wash them by hands. Add washing powder into fresh water and soak your pants. Rinse them securely. If they’re extremely dirty, you can use a soft brush to scrub them lightly. When you feel they’re clean, hang the pants to dry completely. If you intend to put your pants together or store them, it’s quite important that they are thoroughly dry. If they’re wet, they can lead to mold and tape on the seams fade / loosening.

Washing machine

If you use machine, you should follow these things:

  • Add cold water.
  • Don’t choose fabric softener.
  • Dry both the outside and inside.
  • Let your pants drip dry until they’re completely dry.
  • Take off loose parts including wading belts and shoulder traps. Use a bag if the pants aren’t under the water or are stuck in the machine.
  • Add common washing powder or other more gentle types.

2. Removing bad smell from breathable waders

After using the pants in a period, they’ll smell. The bad smell comes from bacteria, sweat, and dirt. You can remove the smell by following steps:

Step 1

To keep waders clean from bacteria and stubborn odors, add warm water and MiraZyme™ Odor Eliminator into a tub. Two capfuls of Mirazyme or a small pack are enough. You can also follow guides of the package.

Step 2

Stir mixture until it dissolves.

Step 3

Dip waders under the water thoroughly. Pick them up from the tub but don’t rinse. When the pants dry, MiraZyme is effective – consuming matters including bacteria, algae, mildew, and mold. Your suit is free from bad things.

3. Restoring the water repellency to breathable waders

When using pants, their water repellant features will weaken. All new waders have the repellency on the outside surface. That factor protects and assures that the outside garment / layer doesn’t soak up water. To restore this property, you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Hang on the waders and spray on the water repellent. Don’t use it on the rubber or neoprene pants.

Step 2

If your pants are still moist, use an iron to activate the water repellent – don’t iron rubber components or neoprene booties. A hairdryer can also dry or activate the waders.

4. Tips and warnings

  • Steps to clean the breathable wadersRemove all mud, sand, and other dirt before you leave from a lake or stream. That is extremely important if you’re wading in a lake or stream having rock snot, zebra mussels, or mud snails. Clean all things with fresh water. If you use water from the lake or stream, the critters will grow quickly.
  • A stiff vegetable brush is an ideal tool to clean debris and mud off the welts, soles and other parts of boots and waders.
  • Dip your boots and waders in hot water more than 120 degrees in over 30 minutes, which helps to remove most invasive species.
  • A mixture of salt solution and hot water are quite effective.
  • If you don’t want to use salt, 100% vinegar is a good replacement.
  • Avoid the spray bottle of formula 409. It can damage the waders and environment, and it’s illegal.
  • A high-pressure sprayer is a good option to remove wader soles, cracks, and crevices outside and inside the boots. Then dip them in a tub with hot water.
  • To remove the remains such as stream debris and mud; scrub the waders and boots with hot water. Then let them completely dry before wearing again.

Keeping your waders clean can make them last longer. Remember that you should dry the outside and inside parts thoroughly before storing them. Follow the cleaning process above, your pants will last longer and you can also save money for repairing or buying new waders.

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