Previously, flats often eat fish in swarms, well into the dorsal fin array pitch black but many are being caught these specialty fish become scarce, and there seemed to be extinct in the riverbed. Interesting fishing so as to become more passionate anglers on the bridge.

17 pm daily regularity, Tom (78 years, the island of Java) again busy preparing fishing and hunting cycling up the fish. Question this fish as the passion of his old age over 20 years old.

Experience To Fishing Flats:

  • According to Tom, do not know since when river fishing is considered to be a pleasure for many people. If the upstream of the river, hunting fish, lentils, fried fish is wild passion, then downstream of major rivers, fish hunting hobby anglers.
  • In many regions of the globe this year to become the ideal place not only for him but also for many anglers hunting for fish in the river. Each afternoon, each top middle-aged and elderly people brought to the bridge area to enjoy. A great many curious people gathered watching anglers catch fish.

Flats Fishing

  • Supplies fairly simple question, a coil with hooks, a little bait, usually a banana or chopped strands of pasta that can unleash hunt fish and many other fish species like carp, perch, fish, lentils, bream …
  • “Fishing requires patience, divers must be a familiar question and experienced hands. The question is quite simple, just hook the bait then drop down to the water is flowing in the river and stood waiting. When he saw that wire sound bites, i.e., fish, deftly pulling his fishing up. Talk like that, but fishing all have to learn before, “said Tom shared.
  • According to Tom, the most crowded time is from 6 am to 9 am morning and afternoon from 15h to 18h. The reason many people question the bridge area for many fish lines. This is considered a specialty fish sour soup was delicious. Let the whole 2 hours, but finally, Tom only question was about 3 ounces of fish.
  • “Fishing is also lucky. Sometimes the child does all day not, to constantly move sentences to earn fortunes. Eat river fish daily, hourly, seasonal, according to the country, by location and follow the herd. I must rely on each stream, river to let a new question effectively. Fish in the river several days ago, there were days I question even a few dozen pounds, eat no longer divided by all people, but now it is sparking, fin fishnets to the river much less. Today, the question is how lucky I reach over 2kg, while only 3 ounces to 1kg range, “said Tom shared.

The old man smiled happily adds: “I was not fishing for commercial purposes, is the food does not even get it on your advocacy for human health. Descendants find yourself happier and healthier so way out here I also have a new question to dusk. Today I do not miss the bridge. “

His hobbies also like Tom, he Mappin (in Bali), works in advertising aluminum, glass enlists sentence at the low carry out the bridge standing.

He dropped down to the river 5, six hooks and then wrapped in a fish bites the bait needs to wait. His bait Mappin quite simply the pasta strands are cut short.

After some waiting heard noises coming from the cord, make sure there is fish bait, he began to pull the fish deftly ashore. He said: “Because water changes the only question today should be bream, there are a lot of fish today, the question. Fished great fun so I went, up the cool wind was again causing breathing vapor mind relax after stressful working hours “.

Flats FishingAccording to Mr. Mappin, previously, a lot of fish in the river, we enjoyed eating in groups eye. Season the fish to eat coastal barrier fence, grass, floating into the dorsal dark markings. The water was up to the shore; people also use own trap is facing. As a specialty, when trawling, sparking regularly, catfish this specialty almost extinct from the river.

Mappin He said he used to record a personal question about 15kg in just 2 hours. “That day, in groups of more fish, just let the fish are biting down so continuous shock. That day I ate the remaining divided into many brethren. Here, people are fishing for the purpose of fun, but the majority are not for sale, “he added Mappin share.

Previously, a lot of fish in the river flats, we enjoyed eating in groups eye. Flood season, eat fish flats coastal barrier fence, grass, floating into the dorsal dark markings. However, when the flats fish specialties, like trawling, rated power, rated mines in vogue, the flats … almost extinct from the river.

Each angler fishing flats have a secret, and how different question. People have used these anglers need inshore angler. In flood, high water, shore erosion, we pulled into the waiting flats fishing worms domestic leg flailing away. Natural summary anglers worms, crickets on the tongue to feel the need to pull the bait baits charismatic tweet us flats fishing.

The semi-professional anglers, only a few users, need long gloves, with sentences like the banana bowl fishing . They sat in the boat tail, tongue suspension drop down dozens of meters deep river beds. They are usually black flats fishing bait fish in the parking lot of ships, waiting for the human food pouring down.

In countries often vicious boat park, depth, should trawling, sparking not to be, we will secure. However, they must bite the bait of many anglers sitting on the train or boat.