The rocking crawler is a kind of car models, nowadays there are many people play in an interesting way with it. You can visit here for finding the best rc rock crawler, rc crawler reviews. In this article, I will show you some specific products of rock crawlers.

The Hobby with Playing the Rocking Crawler

Southern Rock Racing Demonstrates

The rocks crawler car models are sophisticated design, unique at a price that fits within your budget is how passionate youth, spent a lot of effort, time search, and collection.

  • No longer is a something too strange hobby when the static model has appeared in numerous cities and increasingly widespread.
  • Aligning people with the same passion together collectibles. In some cities, there are dozens of clubs for collectors of miniature copies of all the cars, divided according to each different line of large motorcycles, cars, aircraft, including, the people playing the automobile is the most popular model.
  • Takeshi, the administrator of the club rock crawler car model, said: “Currently the number of members in the club on a lot more. Members of his club are diverse in age, especially a growing number of young people to know a healthy hobby, this unique. Every time you have a chance to meet each other as we talk incessantly about the cars. “
  • Like Club model rock crawler vehicles, the number of members of the Club Hot Wheels also on the increase. He Jose, club chairman, said: “The car models seemed” hypnotized “the young. Of your club members in our Hot Wheels car collectors, all the cars are designed in true form the super great cars in the movies only and mostly racing “.


  • Though very small in size but with sophisticated design to the smallest detail, rock crawler car was “attracted” a lot of people, all ages.
  • Many players car models compared himself like “addict” with tremendous passion. The fate steered them to this hobby is also very simple, be it through the words of a friend, there can be accidentally caught by the image of the car model on the network and then out of curiosity, but start looking for information, or it may be due to a passion for cars childhood toys.
  • Collector car special static model with Hot Wheels cars can find copies of all the tiny world’s major brands such as Honda, Toyota, Porsche, BMW, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborgini, …The car maker unimaginable models from the Hollywood action films, cartoons or children’s designs bring a personal touch, and the player’s car began to appear.

No exaggeration to say the car models are miniature replicas “standard to the millimeter,” the details are made from car interior, seat, exhaust, hood, hood, wheels to components, machines, who 1:64, 1:43, 1:18, 1:72, 1: 87 … a lot of people play static cars popular models of cars with 1:64 ratio because of the sharp and click small size. “When the smaller car, the details, the design department was more meticulous, more carefully. Holding a model car in his hand, everyone is excited, “- said Jose.

Commenting On Some Best Rock Crawler Best On The Market

 Micro 4 × 4 Losi RTR Trail Trekker B0238T1

RC ADVENTURES - LiTTLE GiANT - 1/24th Scale Losi Micro Trail Trekker 4x4 Truck on the trail


This is equivalent to the car model real car with miniature size is 1:24. Radio system with 2.4 GHz frequency to let you control it and AT tires help the car balance when running on difficult terrain. It has a length of 7 inches and is equivalent to a coil-over shocks sets.

Advantage :

  • Easy to carry because of small size
  • Sensitive controls
  • Cheap price


  • Limited battery life to run long

Conclusion on the product:

With a price range of 150 dollars, this is a rational choice economics and quality, easy when you put it in the bag and luggage for long journeys. However, you will need to prepare enough battery to run longer and this car suitable for children, teens for its simplicity, compact when used.

Trail 4WD RTR Axial Racing SCX10 Honch 90022


This car model is scaled 1:10 ratio larger than reality, it also uses a radio system with 2.4 GHz as very sensitive products on the controller via radio waves. It is equipped with 1.9 ripsaws one tires, and 4-link suspension structure is Reducing twisting force and steer axle. It uses aluminum skid plates and bumper, made from a plastic cage.


  • Very easy to upgrade
  • It comes with a drag break
  • Beautiful appearance


  • LED’s are very easily broken car
  • Vehicles with poor water resistance


It has doubled the price on, but the choice for players who want to have one control products responsive and easy to upgrade, there have ladder frame.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler, Extreme Radio Control

This product uses two motors to drive, one of which has one steering motor. Parking lightweight but the durable body is equipped with the pieces.


  • Moderate price
  • There are good sturdy level
  • Running on hard terrain well


  • Unable to turn off the transmitter
  • And vehicle speed only one single

 Exceed RC RTR RWD MaxStone

Parking structure and light weight of the car is dominated by motor vehicle drivers one easily and steering capabilities on difficult terrain, has had one rc540 motor torque and angle 90 degrees maximum.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to tinker for simple parking structure


  • Stock rear diffs, front diffs tent to strip


It is also one of the options are cheap as 150 dollars, for the rocking car, new player crawler, you might be surprised about this car because its capabilities on the complex terrain.

My name is Morgan. The rock crawler has produced in an early time, but it was not as popular as today. Now, people have considered it as the most important thing to help them reduce stress after the overload of working and studying. Furthermore, the rock crawler also is the best way to satisfy their passion on racing. It is not dangerous, but fun. We hope that you will have a good time. If you have any comment or question, please do not hesitate to ask us at any time.