You may believe that elk chasing cannot be that difficult in light of the fact that after every one of these animals is monstrous and can’t be difficult to miss, yet that is absolutely not the situation. Finding an elk to shoot and hitting it can be significantly more troublesome than you might suspect at first.

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Shooting it may not be the hardest part since that just includes having a decent rifle and having great point, in any case finding an elk might be exceptionally troublesome. We’re here today to give you some elk chasing tips for learners so you can be effective in your next or possibly your first elk chasing trip.

chase after the rut

Chase After the Rut

One of ideal ways that you can guarantee achievement when elk chasing is to go for your chase after the rutting season is finished. Rutting is obviously when elks mate and this period goes on for around 6 weeks for every year.

The reason that you need to go for your elk chase subsequent to the rutting season is on the grounds that elks will, by and large, be very drained after this time of exceptional battling, rivalry, and mating. This abandons them weaker and slower which implies that you will have a superior shot of finding and following them, or if important pursuing them down.

The Elevation

The height at which you chase at when searching for an elk to mount on your divider is very imperative with regards to being fruitful or not. On the off chance that you chase before or notwithstanding amid rutting season, you will need to remain at higher heights since that is the place the elk get a kick out of the chance to be. However, after the rutting season is over the elk will, for the most part, move to lower ground in light of the fact that the snow at higher rises pushes them downhill.

Likewise in the wake of rutting season elk will be ravenous and searching for a great deal of sustenance to eat. The great quality sustenance that the elk get a kick out of the chance to eat will develop at lower rises, both because of the way of their nourishment and also the temperature. To guarantee, achievement ensures that you are chasing at the correct rise for the specific time.

deer food

Discover Their Food

Shooting the elk may not be the crucial step, but rather discovering one positively can be genuinely troublesome. One of ideal approaches to discover an elk, particularly subsequent to the rutting season, is to go hold up close to their wellsprings of sustenance. One of the most loved sustenance for elk subsequent to rutting is horse feed so in the event that you can discover a documented or fix of hay, you will expand your odds of finding an elk.

Somewhere else that elk get a kick out of the chance to eat at is in shallow rivers or streambeds as they like the vegetation that develops in water. Ensure that you hold up downwind from the sustenance source on the grounds that the elk will never go eat on the off chance that they notice you.

The Call

Another great approach to guarantee that you will discover an elk to chase down is by utilizing the licensed elk call. Utilizing a cow or female elk call will work the best before or amid rutting season since that is when bull elks need to mate, in this manner putting on a show to be a female or dairy animals elk will probably draw in a male. Make sure to study some elk approaches the web so you can get the volume and recurrence of calls right.

Then again, in the event that it is in the wake of rutting season a bull may not be so disposed to go to your dairy animals call since they simply spent the most recent 6 weeks fighting for strength and getting occupied with the inverse sex, in any case, you may, in any case, get a reaction from a bull cornet so attempt the male call rather than the female call. Utilizing calls is a decent approach to get a reaction so you can find the objective, yet that being said it depends on the state of mind and attitude of the elk as far as giving you a reaction or being pulled in to the call.

Pipe the Trail

Another incredible strategy that you can use to discover your objective elk is to set up shop in some kind of channel. What we mean by this is you have to discover a gorge or valley where the elks regular and get a kick out of the chance to stroll forward and backward in. This will in all probability be a trail that prompts to and from various nourishment sources.

In the event that you are a decent tracker and recognize what elk tracks appear as though you can look the valley trails for their prints and the setup shop some place close there, ideally downwind from the heading you anticipate that they will come at and at a higher rise than the trail itself.

Be Patient

A standout amongst the most critical parts of elk chasing is to dependably stay persistent. Any of the above tips are an incredible approach to discover elk; however, they will just go as such. Elk is huge, moderate, and bulky animals that may take after more than one trail, likewise, they tend to cover a huge territory. You may need to spend a couple days sitting in a similar spot before you get your eyes and your degree on that prize elk.

Aroma and Sight

Aroma and Sight

Elk has great visual perception, extraordinary hearing, and shockingly better noses so a standout amongst the most vital parts hen elk chasing is to remain noiseless and outside of anyone’s ability to see. Continuously wear the best possible disguise and attempt to adhere to the shrubberies.

Additionally conceal your aroma however much as could reasonably be expected. This implies not wearing any antiperspirants or aromas and notwithstanding getting somewhat grimy my rubbing yourself with greenery, soil, or mud to give yourself a characteristic scent. Besides you have to remain calm and point of confinement development in light of the fact that noisy clamors will unavoidably drive the elk off.


On the off chance that you take after these tips precisely you shouldn’t have any issues finding an elk. Remember their mating, eating, and travel propensities furthermore make sure to shroud your fragrance however much as could reasonably be expected. Make the most of your elk chasing!