Roller hockey is one of the most suitable, fun and challenging spots for kids. Now with its rising popularity, even adults enjoy playing this sport at home.

So what is roller hockey?

Roller hockey is the game you can play on a roller skater. In order to play this game, the surrounding surfaces need to be smooth. As long as it is not rough, anywhere can be a good playground for this sport namely driveways and even parking lots.


Why is the need for a proper set of equipment?

Roller hockey, just like any other intense sport, needs its own set of protective equipment. In this game, you may encounter falls and bumps, which could lead to injuries in the head, elbows and knees. Wearing the necessary equipment such as gloves and knee pads would help to reduce your chance of getting these injuries.

Here is the list of what equipment you need for the roller hockey game.

1. Inline Hockey Skates:

This is the most important equipment that you would need for the game. A good pair of inline hockey skates would be able to support you to move more quickly and offer stability. Therefore, it is very important that the wheels of the inline hockey skates are strong and sturdy. They also need to be able to roll in at a high speed.

It is a good choice of you if you can invest a large amount of money in a pair of inline hockey skates. Normally, the price starts from 60 and 70 dollars to as high as 700 dollars or more.
If you want to play roller hockey for a long time and could afford it, you should go for higher quality inline hockey skates with higher prices. If you play this sport for long time, a pair of skates that lasts will be worth all of your money.
Another thing you need to consider when choosing your inline hockey skates is size. It is of high importance that you could be able to wear a pair of inline hockey skates what fit your feet perfectly. Normally, the sizes of a pair of inline hockey skates are smaller than the normal shoes size.
Before you decide to buy a pair of inline hockey skates that catches your eyes, you always need to try them on to see if they are a perfect fit.


2.Protective Equipment In Inline Hockey:

There are many things that you need to prepare to make sure that you are safe from this game. The equipment includes knee pad, elbow pads and shoulder gear.

As I mention above, this sport is highly dangerous which may cause falls and crashes. You need to be careful with all of the actions that you are about to make in this game.

The first thing you would need is a pair of gloves. A good pair helps you to connect stronger and better to the sticks.
Furthermore, you need to prepare knee and elbow pads as well. Knees and elbows are 2 of the most sensitive part that may get injury if you fall down. Therefore, it is important to keep them safe with extra padding.
Lastly, you would need a pair of helmet and mask. Just like any sport which requires wearing a helmet, it is the safest if you could wear a full sized helmet. This helmet will protect your whole face, your chin as well as the area around the neck.

3.Other Equipment:

Besides inline hockey skates and protective gear, you could also think of the hockey sticks and a net.

A stick has the design of either a left of right handed design so people with dominant hand is left hand could still find something that he can work comfortably with.

For choosing a net, you can choose whichever size you want depending on your needs.

Here are some general insights about roller hockey game as well as the proper equipment you will need to play the game with safety and efficiency.

You should prepare yourself with all of the necessary items. Only by doing so that you would be able to enjoy the game and have the best memories with it.


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